About 5fleet tracking device

The 5fleet tracking device is probably the world's smallest and cheapest tracking unit! The 5fleet tracking unit keeps current up to 2 years and the user receives a notice when it is time to change the battery.The price is ONLY 55 € and a modest subscription fee of 1.90 € per month.

The tracking unit "talks" wirelessly with the 5fleet GPS devices of the cars. When leaving a machine or other equipment on e.g. a construction site, with your 5fleet login you will be able to see the address of the and thus currently monitor the locations of your machinery.Should it happen that some of your machinery is removed from the site, your own 5fleet GPS devices - or those 5fleet devices installed by other companies - will be able to recover the lost item.


Diims G104


Manage your machinery and assets with a small tracking device

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What is 5Fleet?

About 5Fleet

5Fleet is driver's log for your fleet and tracking of your machinery and assets - in one place!

Once your 5Fleet GPS device is installed, the device will log all information concerning addresses, distance driven and time of operation. The transfer of information to the building unit is wireless and completely automatic once the car has returned to the parking lot of the company. With a personal login you will get direct access to all information on WEB reports generated by the 5Fleet system. Simple and easy to use.



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